She’s a Homewrecker

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start… I met this tramp a few years back through my in-laws. I can’t say I ever really liked her (you know she lacks serious hoe training from the second he walks through the door) About 4 months ago I noticed my girl acting strange, hiding her phone, constantly changing the password etc.. After catching her up in a few lies I gave her the boot. Two days after removing her from my life I noticed her chatting up the homewrecker mentioned above on InstaGram, calling her beautiful, making references to her sneaking out of the tramps house (by her house I mean her PARENTS house) and so on. I immediately contacted Sarah and my ex in hopes of getting some honest answers, needless to say they were both cowards and owned up to NOTHING. surprise surprise. So I did some stalking of my own and found out that she had been talking to her behind my back for a month before I caught her up. I was DISGUSTED… This girl has THREE kids, NO job and lives at home with her parents! WTH, right? Guys, this girl is trash, my relationship isnt the first she’s ruined, a year or so before this happened she was working her was in on my sister in law and her partners relationship of 9 years! I guess we could call her a professional homewrecker.. OK, SO, about 3 months ago I got a call from my then ex begging me to take her back, like an idiot I did!! Fast Forward to present. This Am I just happened to be looking through her phone and caught her up talking to the homewrecker again. I immediately gave her the boot and hit up the side hoe, she of course ignored ALL of my text’s and calls… like the COWARD ass female she is.. No relationship is safe with this hoe running around! Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband she’s on the prowl….

You gotta work at pinching away those cheeks.  That is not the duck face.- nik

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