Shes A Model

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik its time… Tianna May Mckenzie of Kamloops… she thinks shes a model… shes all of what 17? yet she’s always posting half naked pics (not shocking shes a teen mom right?) She drinks every weekend, hangs out with crackhea, and she thinks she’s such hot shit. It’s time she be brought down a peg, you can’t call her out on FB because she just resorts to threats and violence. she thinks its cool to fight girls, get drunk n make out with other sloots like herself, all for attention. her latest ‘photoshoot’ is just hilarious, she named it, and I quote… always trashy, never classy and little bit sassy…I’m sorry but its all trash and no class. FYI any photographer who thinks its artsy to make the client do a bridge should probably learn to photoshop stretch marks and cellulite out. her +2s are all scarred up because she cuts… I wonder why.. they’re so bad they’re -2s. shes been put up before but shes still rampant, spreading her legs for any ‘photographer’ so she can be a model, shes 1 year away from porn… so Nik… please tell us… does she have any hope? I wont even ask if you would because youre standards have to be higher than her… sadly this town is full of nasty guys who thinks shes… beautiful? hahaha funny  Tianna you’re a joke, I wish you a prosperous porn career, lots of men like stretched out cellulite ridden moms, you’ll make tens of dollars

Yoga never looked so unappealing.- nik

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