Shes An Easy Lay

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she's an easy lay

she's an easy lay

she's an easy lay

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright this dirty little rat is known by christina zillmer. i’m sure everyone and ANYONE probably slept with her, macked out with her.. i swear she has a daughter, but is too ashamed to hide it from the world like what partyings more important? how low can you go girl, she couldnt wait at least a month to go partying.. her child was still in the hospital and she had a chance to go home but no she went partying and thats how her daughter got taken away.. she thinks shes the all that and a bag of potato chips, but we all know give her a couple beers or breezers she’ll be good to go if you know what i mean.. she’s such an easy lay its hard to believe that her own friends don’t trust her around their man.. hahaha take it from me, she did my man and lied to my face about it.. anyways anyone in osborne area or see her at a party, buy her a drink, she’ll definitly sleep with you.. MALE OR FEMALE!

Those are her sons friends…I decided.- nik

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