THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m in sort of a moral dilemma, and really could use your advice. I am a decently attractive, self sufficient 21 year old. I get by on my own, but by no means live some life of luxury. Last weekend I met a guy who works for an airline company and along with making very very good money, gets unlimited flight benefits (ie. free flights anywhere anytime). He has an ok personality-but I have 0 physical attraction for this guy. I’m not looking to settle down-and he definitely is. He is Already totally head over heels for me-wanting to take me on all of these great trips and such. Should I just ignore the fact that I would need to close my eyes while we f*ck? Or should I tell him how I feel?

It all depends if you want Instagram followers or not. If you travel all over and take cool pictures you will make a ton of fake social media friends which will intern boost your ego and confidence. BUT if you have any soul whatsoever, you will tell him how you feel and move on with life the moral way.- nik