Should I Get Bigger +2’s

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I recently became a huge fan of your site after hearing about it on Couples Therapy (team shnik!) I am SO addicted to your site now especially since I know a few of the PP’s that came from the Orlando area. Anyway, I love how extremely honest you are about a woman’s look and would definitely like your honesty on my situation. Two years ago I got +2’s. I was so flat I wasn’t even an A cup. Because of how tight my chest area was I wasn’t able to get the full D small DD I wanted. The surgeon informed me that I would get stretch marks going that big with how small I was and to get smaller implants now and go bigger later. Soooo that’s what I did. I love them but I have a C cup now and really want to get them bigger and need help. I’m a petite girl. I used to be 105 pounds but looked sickly and starved to stay that little. I’m comfortable at 115 pounds and don’t have to starve to stay at that weight. With bigger breasts I will feel more confident and won’t feel the need to be anorexic to fit my boobs the way I want them to look… What do you think? Help!

What are you waiting for? Just know you have rocks now and with bigger ones you will have boulders since your skin is so tight. Do what makes you happy, but know that guys like the Gummi Bear feel… we want movement in the bedroom.- nik

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