Should I Pursue A Career In What I Love To Do

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I am finishing college this year with a degree in business, however I have always had a passion for acting as well. What would be the “right” thing to do: get a career with my degree or try to hunt down acting auditions? I know the logical answer would be “pick what you feel like doing/you can do whatever you want” but I know that you’re deadly honest and to the point. I’m sure you’re aware of everything that goes around in Hollywood and so I guess I would like to know; is it worth all the glory in the end? Would I just be joining the dreads of all other “aspiring actors” or is it something I should really try out? I could do the moral/just thing and find a career with a degree I worked hard for but I still can’t help thinking about tinsel town. I don’t want to wake up one day and ponder “what if”. I guess I would like to know what you would say to your own daughter if she was in this position.

Hollywood is worse than Vegas. The 1% who make it become egotistical assholes who think the world owes them everything. Chasing fame will kill your soul and cause severe depression as you get older. If you don’t make it, the chances of you becoming a junkie are 88%. If I were you, choose real life. Working hard will grant you stability… Hollywood will grant you misery.- nik

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