Sierra Alberti

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Sierra… a sweet, nice and innocent girl who was kicked out of a sorority for no apparent reason, whatsoever… WRONG! Here’s the lowdown: Sierra Alberti is one of the most disgusting people many have ever met. She purposefully ruins lives…She tells people she is a dime piece; PUHHHHLEASE!!! There is a reason why the boys she practically BEGS for don’t want anything to do with her. All she can amount to: BEING A FCKING SLAM PIECE. Sure she has a big rack… but with a chubby stomach and no ass, there’s not much there to appease. And have you seen her nose. If you get the chance you might flinch. She posted on this site about one of the nicest people in the world, because Sierra doesn’t have a fcking clue: (From what I heard some of the girls saying) EVERYONE wanted her out of the sorority. She tares frat boys apart from girls they’re with too. Talk about cheap. Through lies and deceit this bitch has a one way ticket to hell. And to the frat house: There’s a reason girls don’t stick around there… Your fugly house bunny practically pushes them out. Good luck trying to retain ass… Seirra might kick them to the curb. Oh, and by the way: she’s tried on numerous occasions to kick some of your brothers out. You think you guys are in charge? She’s running the show over there. And just because she acts like your friends… you might want to think again. She cannot shut the fck up either, let alone, when you have a conversation with her, it’s like talking to a wall. On top of all this, Sierra is a drunk. Drinking non-stop, missing work shifts to party, smoking weed, taking ecstasy, shrooms, probably cocaine and I’m sure she won’t stop here. To put it plainly she’ll probably end up on the streets giving bjs for drugs… I mean shit, she already does it. She thinks she is going to be a doctor one day… THATS A JOKE!!! So Sierra, As I’m sure you’ll read this, this is dedicated not to you, but for every girl you’ve trampled on… she’s joined the army of people who want you out of Portland. Sincerely, Every person you’ve tried to fck over, we proudly say:  f YOU!! P.S. Until you take that post down, this can stay up on the internet and ruin your reputation, like you’ve tried ruining everyone elses. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Sounds like she due for a run at all she can be (in the army).- nik

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