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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl\’s name is Holly Donovan or Holly Villeneuve. Where to start with this piece of work.. The best way to describe her is that her vagina is a revolving door. She has been with so many men in Kingston it is easier to say who she hasn\’t been with. Watch out ladies, she likes to take your man, because her life is so miserable that she has to make everyone else feel the way she does. She sleeps with married men, and uses codes like go for coffee which means giving head, and watching movies means lets f*ck. Not only is she a home wrecker but a tramp too.. She craves sex all the time and claims it is because she is a \”sexual being\” and expresses herself sexually. She will go out of her way to find someone to sleep with, so if your into sleeping with a fat, ugly , loose, feels like throwing a hot dog down the hallway kind of girl, call her up… btw, she will gladly let you take her up the ass if it helps you get off.. Not only is she a home wrecking tramp, she is by far in the top ten category of worst moms in Kingston.. She drinks every second night, WITH her kids in the house, doesn\’t bring her kid to and from school always has someone else do it for her as she sits outside on her fat lazy ass smoking. when she gets her baby bonus which is almost 1000 dollars, she spends it all on herself.. clothes ( maybe she should buy some that fit and arent 2 sizes to small,and cover up her fucking tits),booze and cigarettes,she has been pregnant 4 times,the first got taken into cas,had an abortion the second time, her third baby is her son and when he was a baby she kicked/pushed him into the fire because he was annoying her,and her last baby sits in soggy diapers until she HAS to change them, lets her cry, and never holds her,she claims\”she isnt a baby person\”like seriously,get off your ass and hold your baby you dumb cunt,not only is she abusive and neglectful to her children, but sh pawns them off whenever she can so she can go out,drink and party,she like to hook up with guys at the bar,has been fingered on the dance floor of stages, and has even given a blow job for a ride home,she is by far the nastiest piece of woman I have ever laid my eyes on,and i have seen some nasty bitches,ladies lock up your men,and moms watch your children.

YOLO.- nik

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