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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Vanessa Hernandez-Carlin (formally Vanessa Simpson). She was engaged to a Soldier and living with him in Texas, when she came back so San Diego she faked being pregnant with his child then left him for one of the Marines she was cheating on him with. Surprise, surprise a couple months later they were engaged. She was sleeping around on him behind his back with other Marines on Pendleton. When he deployed she continued to cheat on him and was telling everyone how he beat her and was cheating on her (he never did either). A few months after he got back they got married, she continued to cheat on him, and she said he was abusing her still. A week before the ball she said she was pregnant with twins and then the night of the ball she was drinking, when a friend asked why she was drinking while she is pregnant, she said she miscarried. She kept their on base house a mess, she never cleaned, let the dogs piss and shit all over the floor. She kept two of the dogs locked in the garage, which they destroyed. She is addicted to spice, and smokes it like a fin. She got her husband kicked out of housing twice, why would she do such a thing, cause she was busy cheating with other Marines in their bed. The second time she got him kicked out she left the house abandoning the dogs, leaving them to piss and shit all over the house, with no food or water, trash everywhere and dirty dishes all over the kitchen. She got their pit-bull put down and blamed it on her then husband; there was an MPO that said he couldn’t go to the house! She had moved in with one of the Marines she was cheating on him with, while there was an MPO saying he was not allowed to see her. The next week she was pregnant and a few weeks later, I’m sure you can guess what happened, yep, she “miscarried”. She eventually divorced her husband for the other Marine she had an MPO with, after she drained his bank account for months. She is now living in Oregon with that Marine, married, but she is still sleeping around behind his back. Whenever she goes to San Diego to see her family she sleeps with all the Marines on Pendleton that she can. She is so lazy she won’t even get a job. She lives off her new husband and his parents, he has to cook for her and do everything for her because she’s too lazy to do it for herself. She has had more “miscarriages” then one can count since she’s been married to her new husband. She is one of the biggest tag chasing whores one can meet! She’s a two faced whore, she will act like your friend to your face and talk mad shit about you behind your back, if you’re friends with her beware!! She’s done it to Angela and Leah. As someone said this chick is a hoe fo’ sho’.

Poor guys.- nik

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