Skanky Woman

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Skank Bitch

Skank Bitch

Skank Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Skanks name is Kara Hengle. She is the dirtiest girl i have ever met in my life. she has had sex with many people and has a son to prove it. While i was with my best friend she got him into a hotel room and had sex with him.. she was so loose he said he couldn’t stay up. While talking to him she was playing any other guy who gave her any sort of attention. she treated them all like boy toys and then would tell them bullshit lies when they confronted her about talking to someone else. she is such a whore she thinks she is the best in bed and basically thinks she is a porn star. turns out she is horrible and my friend would never go back to her even if she was the last girl on earth. She has to have all the attention where ever she is. she sings in the middle of work and she sucks at it. has everyone believing she is a great mom but she goes out almost every night with another skank and gets high and wasted. she is the dirtiest girl in cincinnati and resides in milford. so watch your back and watch your guys.

How old’s this soccer mom? I’d say 40 but I know its nowhere close.- nik

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