THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start with this old goat.. when hes not creepin up night clubs in halifax ns hes probably on his skateboard or home microphone rapping.  When he isnt doing that take a guess as to what hes doing? creeping up facebook and twitter. messaging all types of girls ranging from age 16 – whatever. I know this for sure because ive had many people tell me about it. The guy has had more diseases than I could probably name off. Never likes to wear a condom and has a weak greg game. I had to get a friend to find me a picture of this skinny twerp with his hat off because he never has a picture or goes out without that old faithful hat to cover up the old bastards reseeding hairline.  Despite the fact hes decent on his skateboard he still lacks a lot of skills on the microphone and in bed.  This is just a warning to all you females out there dont be wow\’ed by his \”fast life-style\” or wanna be habbits. dude works a regular job like you and i and makes next to no money for rapping or skateboarding.

I doubt this guy can skate or rap.- nik