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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Meet Tessa Marek and Leigha Hagan, Tucsons finest attention whores. Everybody in Tucson hates the shit out of these 2 girls. They walk around like their shit doesnt stink. Leigha is the usual piece of shit from Marana and an ex junkie. Tessa is a ex stripping, horrible mommy tramp. She leaves her daughter with her so called best friend so she can go out and party it up. They also think because they trade sex for photos that they are going to end up some where, well think again. They copy ideas from other models and mooch of their poor husbands that are always out looking for that new next piece of ass. A photographer that I am close with actually told me he had a threesome with them out on location in the middle of nowhere, yeah way to move up on that “mode” ladder. Modeling in your old stripper clothes isn’t classy ladies, get some jobs and buy some better stuff. The only reason they get shoots is because of their big named husbands, not because of their pretty looks. Everyone only tolerates them so they can continue getting ink from their husbands, if it weren’t for them they’d be nothing. You can find them at your local tattoo convention, down 4th Avenue or maybe on their knees in front of a camera. Make sure you swallow next time bitches

Her tongue looks like a war vet.- nik

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