Sleaziest Goth DJ in the game Zlatan B.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sending this up to you and The Dirty Army so you can put this old perv ON BLAST. This is Zlatan aka Z-Bag. He is a sick-o 40 year old DJ here in Winnipeg who is always ready with some pepsi or an exclusive DJ mix to get his sick little greg wet. He is also married to another person featured on the dirty, 100 year old mummy model Joan Nakamoto who he cheats on all the time with young fat goth babes like he likes. Watch out goth babes of Winnipeg! This gross out is coming for you! He calls himself DJ Evil Bastard but it should be DJ Sleazy Bastard and actually he should probably just drop DJ because all he does is play Marilyn Mansion all night and stutter and bang all the goth girls behind his wife’s back because her withered old body is completely without moisture. WE GOTTA LET THE WORLD KNOW NIK, WATCH OUT FOR ZLATAN AKA DJ EVIL BASTARD.

She gave herself a face lift with duct tape.  I decided.  you can also see some seams coming through her force field.- nik