Sleeps With Everything

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Sleeps with everything, from married men with babies on the way to seniors

Sleeps with everything, from married men with babies on the way to seniors

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this mother ( I know) sleeps with her friends mates, and she slept with her husbands friend who was married with a baby on the way, even banged the ancient weather man on the news. Usually she sleeps with them to get something, so if you don’t have money, good riddins. She thinks she is something special, but what she is a narcist, that will always put her self first, even before her two beautiful children. She dumps them off whenever she can to party, you think a 40 year old should no better. She is a user, everyone, its all about what she can get out of it. Notice all her pics revolve around her stripper pole she has mounted in her home, yes folks in the living room where her kids hang out!! sick. She likes playing dress up a lot, probably cause she doesn’t truly like who she is. Stay clear of her, if she hasn’t used you yet….she will.

I wonder what she does…her kids will follow in her foot steps.- nik

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