Slept with Girlfriend’s Roommate for Months

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this couple right here is MEANT TO BE. The guy, Steven, was in a serious relationship for four years and they were living together with plans to marry. He then cheated on the poor girl with their roommate, Annie. Annie is a known “home wrecker”; having stolen the boyfriend of her old roommate months prior. Steven got kicked out of the house, so he moved back to his mommy’s house. He however, kept repeatedly sneaking into his ex’s house to sleep with Annie. On January 15th, Steven tried to get back with his ex by professing that he still loved her, and always would, and that he would do anything to get back with her. The NEXT DAY, he was in a relationship with Annie. Now Steven and Annie are dating…. The kicker is that every day, Steven is posting about his ex on Facebook, using her full name and calling her a “slut”, a “cheater who gives pussy away”, etc….. when HE was the one who cheated. Annie and Steven’s ex girlfriend still live together unfortunately due to a lease that isn’t up yet. Something needs to be done, for the sake of the ex girlfriend. Put Steven and Annie on blast, Niki. They’re both home wreckers and cheating bastards. They deserve each other.

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