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THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s one for you nik, This girl is the lowest of the low A dirty Christian wanna be her name is Katelyn Janssen she has a 2 year old son who she never ever pays attention to and constantly leaves at daycare or with her family, so she can go suck some more c**k for deals on free or cheap stuff she was fcking some married guy with children to get a good deal on her car which was a piece of shit anyways not to mention completely destroyed his family, and was sucking some guys cock for deals on bench jackets and such, she drinks like an alchoholic but is ” Christian” tells everyone how she’s better then everyone. This girl falsely acusses people of bad stuff all the time but can’t admit to her own mistakes even know her mistakes are worse then the peoples she’s judgeing if only her family knew the real her now that would be a funny day. And you’d think with lips like that she’d atleast be able to use them but nope I have inside scoop that she’s an absolute horrible lay and that guys only sleep with her because she’s easy, she has a new boyfriend around her kid like every two weeks but all of them she “loves so much” and she has crashed like five cars now one which was her own because she was hungover and looking at facebook while she was driving and dresses like an absolute slut anywhere and everywhere. sex doesn’t sell every where sweety especially not with a completely disproportionate body like yours.

Looks like one of her parents got roped into watching the kid (bottom pic).- nik

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