THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik and Dirty Army. So I happen to be friends with someone who grew up in Poughkeepsie and went to high school with Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki…this person told me something about her that was shocking! Snooki had a party at her house and invited a ton of people including my friend. Snooki’s boyfriend at the time was supposed to show up, but before he came Snooki had sex with some other dude she was banging on the side. So her boyfriend shows up, and to save face, she lies and tells her boyfriend that this other guy raped her. The other guy ended up getting his ass beat by her boyfriend. Dude, what kind of b*tch lies about being raped to cover up her cheating h0e ass??? Not that she’s this hot d*ck magnet or anything, but for any guy out there gross enough to bang her, keep this sh*t in mind! No guy deserves to be falsely accused of rape, even if he is a douchebag guido type that bangs washed up reality stars.

Can we get first and last names please?- nik