Snow White


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Snow White

Snow White

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little self recognized princess thinks shes queen sh*t, with her perfect fairytale storybook life thats nothing but a big lie, in reality shes nothing but an alcoholic , who powders her nose a little too much if you get what I’m saying, and her husband is such a fool falling for her “I’m yours baby” bullsh*t when she can be anybody’s, she takes off on him when she gets too drunk and god only knows what she does. shes the maples drunken bar star, you can see her getting arrested or fighting with her man all over that neighborhood in her skimpy skirts and heels. like someday shes gonna realize how foolish she looks and grow up, she may talk sh*t about me but ill public mine!

Her face is completely circular its like she is a human rubber ball.- nik

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