So Sick And Tired Of Kim Kardashian

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SO sick and tired of Kim

SO sick and tired of Kim

SO sick and tired of Kim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick and tired of people constantly saying how Melissa Molinaro is a Kim look alike?  Does anybody even remember what Kim use to look like, or did the butt get to everyone’s head. Kim is a fat fake b*tch, at least Melissa has SOME form of talent, compared to Kim. Melissa was on the scene PRIOR to the kardashian clan, and she’s constantly being called a Kim look alike.  Let’s compare through pictures shall we? Kim looks completely different, and NO it is NOT the makeup, makeup can only change so much, and the fact that this pig doesn’t admit to sh*t, is f*cking pissing me off.  Melissa needs a Nose job STAT but she’s looked like that since the beginning, Kim’s looks however have been dramatically altered.  NIK, PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE STOP THIS KARDASHIAN LIES, THIS WHOLE WORLD PAYS INTO THEIR EMPIRE. It’s like paying that dirty lying wh*re for being a dirty lying wh*re. Her mother is a total sl*t, she admitted to cheating on her husband, and only stopped because he found out. This family has NO CLASS, even the younger siblings are slowly turning into mini kimmies. Kim if you are reading this: F*CK YOU YOU F*CKING FAKE ASS UGLY COW, YOU CAN PRETEND ALL YOU WANT THAT YOU LOOK LIKE A MILLION BUCKS, BUT WHEN YOU GO HOME AND WIPE THE CAKE OFF YOUR FACE, YOU KNOW YOU SEE NOTHING BUT A DIRTY TRASHY SL*T. STOP ASSUMING MELISSA IS TRYING TO LOOK LIKE YOU, CAUSE B*TCH YOU ARE A FAKE ASS H*E. YOU GOT SURGERY TO LOOK LIKE WHAT YOU DO NOW, MELISSA HAS ALWAYS LOOKED LIKE THAT. CHEAP SL*T NOW GO DO YOUR LASER.  Thanks Nik.

If you ever need to get anything off your chest, I am here for you.- nik

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