Sociopath and Liar

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Bridget McGrath. She’s a manipulative, heartless bitch. This chick will say anything to get her way or to convince herself that she’s in the right. Her last boyfriend cheated on her and we hooked up a few nights later. The entire six months we dated, she was completely stuck on him. Oh, and I was this dude’s boss at the time. This bitch has TERRIBLE hygiene. Last time we fucked she had shit stains in her panties. I don’t think this scandalous ho has ever touched a toothbrush without it melting her gremlin ass face. To make matters worse, she’s a smoker. She would come over Friday nights and hang out until Monday mornings and I would almost NEVER see her brush. This bitch hooks up with me on a Sunday, begs me to bust in her, then tells me Monday she “needs space” and “doesn’t want to talk to anyone”. I come to find out that by Wednesday night, this slut is sleeping with a coworker of hers! The sad part is, this is her cycle. She dates a dude for a while, gets bored, and hops on the next dick train that pulls up. Seriously, text her and tell her she’s pretty and she’ll probably lick your balls just to validate herself. Oh, and she’s a “model”. Bitch, the only thing you’re a model of, is a model slut.

Pictures like that first one are her husstling for free rent.- nik

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