Sociopath At It Again

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Evan Benson aka Evan Ragnar Benson was at it again. Big announcement first…His place of employment finally got a clue and fired his ass on 11/16/12. So not only does he still live with mommy in her attic, car is in her name, phone in daddy’s name…. He doesn’t have a JOB!! KARMA is wonderful thing. Submit a search for previous warnings on this site girls. He got caught lying again and should have known better to screw around with a PI. Phone kept going off and he kept saying “its my friends”… Gut instincts are the best. He left his phone on and fell asleep, messages were read where he was telling 4 different girls he was sick, turning his phone off, in the ER when he was really at another woman’s bed/house for the weekend. Not a dumb woman. Fool her once shame on you, attempt to fool her twice and other women, you are fucked! Pictures that are date stamped dont lie haha..Kicked him out of the house, he was crying saying girl #1 in San Jose he was just trying to get laid but she had a kid so she didn’t matter, girl #2 from Marin he said all she did was jerk him off with lotion, gave him a BJ with a condom and slept with her twice and she was boring and meant nothing, girl #3 in San Francisco he said he slept with her once and had to call her babe and lead her on so she can help him with his resume and finally girl #4 from Marin he said she was just an extra girl to get laid by. Kicked him out and told him the girls were getting phone calls and warned he kept pleading “I love you and always will that’s why I keep trying to come back, please don’t, 2 of them I don’t care about but 2 of them I need to help me with my resume because I know you wont…Your damn straight idiot PATHETIC!! So the girls get called and they pretty much all said they knew something was strange about him and they were thankful I called. Funny thing, girl #2 said she never even slept with him or even touched his dick. Girl #3 said she knew him from a long time ago and kind of knew he was a manipulator and did help him with his un-employment paperwork “Which got DENIED” and was helping him with his resume said he could go fuck himself now. There are pictures that are date stamped, recordings and things these girls knew it was the truth. He screwed himself this time. So each girl said he had called them or text them literally right before I called them and said stories such as “my ex works for AT & T and may have hacked my phone”, my ex girl friend got your number somehow and might be calling, she wants to ruin my life don’t believe a word she says” LMAO as he is calling steal begging for forgiveness oh and he can pour on the fake tears like his life depends on it and saying he only called them to try and do damage control OMG, Girls beware, he hangs out in Marin, San Jose, San Francisco, Petaluma, Novato, Sacramento and even Chicago Illinois. BIG LET ME FUCK MYSELF, he made the mistake of telling he was cheating the data base system to make it look like he was booking more rooms then he was to get a larger bonus check, kept the company Ipad, has the building keys, stole forms to forge HR names on and get his friends rates at hotels still and has been going into the voice mail system at his NOW previous job and deleting company messages, even showed off. He just didn’t learn that lying will get you know where and girls, we have to have each other’s backs when it comes to guys like this, he is a predator, sociopath and disgusting pig.

Is he wearing granny panties or nighttimes (diapers)?

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