Sociopathic Troll

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WARNING! Sociopathic Troll!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Anthony Wo*dman, aka Crazy Tony. This boy is the most unhinged thing since Whitney Houston after her second marriage. He can be found either stalking helpless cute boys that don’t want to be his boyfriend or hanging out (uninvited) at parties making awkward situations. He is always causing drama and immediately talking about unnecessary bullshit to cause friends to hate each other. Tony is the harbinger of obsession and it scares most of the people that he hangs out with. He becomes easily jealous and with that will risk himself just to hurt other people. He is CRAY CRAY! What Tony doesn’t know is that almost 99% of the time everyone (including the people he tries to ruin) knows what he’s up to, which is his mistake. He is also a freddy f*ggot slooooooot. The way I see it, if he wants Portland up his a*s I’ll let him have it, just not in the way he wants it. The kid is seriously evil and will get people drunk just to try to get info out of them to fuel his little drama-rampage. He gets jealous of his friends and talks sh*t about them just to keep his boy-flings lasting a few more days. He also tries to keep boys he thinks are cute enough to date single so he can date them in case his current fling goes rotten. The troll thinks he is the most classy thing in Portland, last I checked using Craigslist to meet un-informed guys and get free alcohol. He also exaggerates stories to make himself look hot sh*t when in actuality he would get his face stomped if people diddn’t care about getting assault charges for it. Anyway, what do you think Nik? Like his picture? He looks like an ugly version of Malfoy. SLYTHERIN for sure. I heard at the part he was at in the picture he was all over everyone giving lapdances in order to try to make some random guy who diddn’t give a shit about him jealous. Desperate much?

Do these guys live in the woods together?  take a shower.- nik

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