Sofia Richie – Outside The Nice Guy in Hollywood

Sofia Richie – Outside The Nice Guy in Hollywood

Sometimes I feel like my sister Sophia Richie doesn’t use TripAdvisor because if she did then she totally would’ve seen what Holly (level 3 contributor) said about The Nice Guy in Hollywood.

Holly who visited last November stated, “If you enjoy staff that think they’re pretentious are a cut above the rest then I guess this place is for you. However for me, you can’t parade around with a face on and expect a tip. We ordered two steaks, which we had to send back THREE times because they were so poorly cooked and not to order. The first was blue, the second well and the third blue, it’s not hard to cook a steak properly and if you can’t do it then you really shouldn’t be charging those prices. Take your money elsewhere where the people actually want to make your dining experience a good one, and the chefs care about the food they serve.”

Doesn’t sound so Nice to us. Thank you Holly … I will let my sister know.

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