EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara to Ex-Fiancé – I Don’t Want to Have Kids with You, Get Over it Already!

EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara to Ex-Fiancé – I Don’t Want to Have Kids with You, Get Over it Already!

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Sofia Vergara is blasting her ex-fiancé in the legal battle over their unborn embryos … accusing him of only dragging her to court for years because he’s bitter she refused to have kids with him.

Loeb and Vergara have been battling it out in court for over 2 years over embryos. The couple were planning on having children via a surrogate and went through the process. They later broke up but still had embryos (2 girls he named Emma and Isabella).

Nick Loeb sued the actress demanding she not be allowed to destroy the embryos … Vergara fired back pointing to the contract they signed which states one parents needs the others approval to use any embryos.

Recently, Loeb headed back to court pleading with the judge not to listen to Vergara and allow him to continue on with his case despite her demands. He says even though he isn’t seeking support from Vergara … she refusing to allow her daughters Emma and Isabella to continue their development. Loeb plead with the judge to not throw out his case … saying he has a strong emotional attachment to his unborn daughters and desperately wants to bring them into the world.

Then on April 11th, Vergara headed to court blasting her ex stating this lawsuit stems from Loeb’s refusal to respect her fundamental rights to choose not to have children with him.

The actress points out Loeb added the unborn embryos as plaintiffs in the case … to which she states, “the pre-embryos did not voluntarily “choose” to file this suit; rather, the pre-embryos were fraudulently named as plaintiff parties to this suit”.

In regards to her ex saying he wouldn’t ask for support … she isn’t buying it … saying his word in this case would not prohibit him from coming after her in a lower court. She is demanding the suit be tossed once and for all.


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