solve it once and for all

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – everyone is Jackson is going nuts over this site. Mainly because two broads keep gettin put on blast and no one wants to fess up to who did it. It comes down to this: one chick is actually attractive & a good person compared to a trashy c*nt with no morals. The girl with the beads is Robi the girl Cody O*** is humping THIS week. Class right? The other chick (red, on the left) is his former fiance that he got a baby with. I think Jackson should calm down and leave these girls alone, trash is with trash while red has moved on. Oh yeah, the douche bag in the picture is Cody himself, what a killer dude. Whats your take?

I think they should be less concerned with who put them up and take it as a reality check and get their lives in order…you can’t rely on being a sloot your whole life.- nik