THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was born and raised here in Miami, so my whole life I have seen nothing but beauty and plastic.  When I was 17 I got my nose done, at 18 had my first +2’s and then at 20 got them redone because the first time I got a huge refund gap.  For those 2 years, I didn’t show my breast at all because I was so embarrassed of the refund gap and how bad it looked.  Its crazy to me how desperate girls really are for attention.  Like this Miami bottlerat.  I see her everywhere and she is always showing off that refund gap and posting a ton of pictures on social networks like this.  How can a girl, look in the mirror and think she looks good,  yes they are big, but that refund gap is so embarrassing.  In her mind, when someone looks at her she thinks that they are thinking how hot she is, but at the end of the day, I’m sure 90 percent of peoples first thought about her is “damn that’s a huge refund gap”.  Fix that refund gap honey and they show your self off.

No straight shooter wants to pull out and explode on sternums… we are mountain men.- nik