Sometimes Its Best To Look Away

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THE DIRTY ARMY:I’m 22 and this girl Olivia Dahl!!!! is 18 from villa park IL& she is such a stupid hoe. I mean she gets around with men online faster then a pace bus in the chi. I mean she sleeps with anything I mean ANYTHING that has two legs and a penis. She acts so juvenile but thinks she’s funny when she says the most outlandish things like for (i.g) I was with my friends shoppin and she blankly stated so guys like I totally met this guy online he’s 32 and I wanna fck the shit out of him. O.o we were all speechless while in Nordstrom I apologized to the cashier for her ignorance. I mean she’s fcks a dif guy every other day. I mean she gave my boyfriend a hickey in front of me. I said it was okay and it was a dare but still a friend wouldn’t do that unless she’s a hoe. Therefore why I am writing this. If you get with her fair warning see A doctor immediately if you Penis looks like dr . Suess’s hat the morning after you might have an ** and your penis most likely will fall off ,Fair warning don’t hit it bc everyone in chi city probably will also be sleeping you. Get tested and stay away from this hoe aka bitchzilla..She better get while the gettin’s good.  I don’t think the future fairs well for her.- nik

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