Sophie Turner – EE British Academy Film Awards

Sophie Turner – EE British Academy Film Awards

How hot is this dress? The leg cut is magical.

Sophie Turner looks sexy and I’m giving all the credit to her dress. I’m really excited for season 7 of Game of Thrones this summer … I want Sansa Stark to be the winner of this ‘game’. I have some tips.

Sansa this is how you kill the dragons – “Mixing a new potion of unknown ingredients, Krakus smeared the concoction onto a sheep. Unbeknown to the dragon (and probably the sheep as well), Krakus had rendered the sheep into a ticking, bleating time bomb of sorts. The unfortunate sheep was tossed into the dragon’s lair to be devoured. A short time later, the dragon emerged from its cave and, consumed with thirst, headed for a nearby river. It drank and drank. Maddened by the burning in its gut, it drank some more. Eventually swollen to grotesque proportions by the enormous volume of water it had consumed, the dragon exploded.”

Thanks Google.

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