Sorry Canadians But Hockey Sucks

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in the midst of this never-ending NHL lockout, there’s an anual tournament called the World Junior Hockey Championships which appears to have relieved some of the hockey-hungry fanatics in this country. In my mind, the lockout proves just how bush league the NHL really is. There is minimal exposure and interest south of the border. There is no lucrative national TV contract. The athletes representing the damn sport have as much personality as cardboard, and yet they command contracts on par with sports leagues making ten times more revenue. This game has no future and no credibility in the United States. The 2013 World Junior Championships are being played in Russia and people are actually getting up at 4:30 am to watch these games. Team Canada played f*cking GERMANY the other day, and this is considered a big ticket event for people? Who the f*ck cares about junior hockey? Nik, can you please give my fellow Canadians a dose of reality and tell them that hockey f*cking sucks and to move on?  When the NFL had its lockout, it was all over ESPN, they would interrupt a broadcast to let us know Roger Goodwell took a crap.  Nothing on ESPN about this.

I’m just happy the LA Kings will forever be known as the team who won the last Stanley Cup.- nik

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