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THE DIRTY ARMY: K so I dont even know why she bothers, but this girl, ANDREA FERENCE-PENDERGAST seems to think she’s an athlete/model, constantly brags about being in the gym, and running marathons yet she looks like this? I see magazines and shit, im 138% sure that’s not what a model looks like? Like i’m pretty sure she just goes to the gym so she can hit on guys that are so cracked out on steroids because they’re the only ones stupid enough to go for this clown looking cakeface, and clearly doesnt work out while shes there. HAH and she does have a sugar daddy that flys her all over to nice places (not sure how she managed that..must be good at sucking d*ck) because every weeks she on a different island, maybe she can tan the ugly away? HE MUST BE OLD AND BLIND TO PAY FOR THIS TO TRAVEL WITH HIM. Then she comes home and walks around town like the hottest shit god ever created. NIK SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

Athletic models crop out the face.  At least she’s setting an attainable goal.- nik

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