Sorry, Photoshop Can’t Erase Fat

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Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, BOTH of these Creatures are known as the “C*M DUMPSTER TWINS” of Chicago. Meet Michelle & Megan Br**s. Every last dirtbag & their brother had a peice of these whores. Known for being so LOOSE, these gwin pigs actually Prefer it in the ASS. They both cheat on their poor suckers they call (bf & husband). The claim to be into Witchcraft, & that they have “power”. lol They add everyone up on Facebook, YET only the FAT CHICKS worship their pictures. Not even one dude comments their photos. Prob because they’re both Closet Dykes. Michelle is extremely attention starved. Infact, so much, that she got the word WHORE tattooed on her arm. lol & She is the one who is Married. I pity her husband Luke, because he has NO idea she still sleeps with one of her old scumbag booty calls, behind his back. Worst part is, this scumbag just tested positive for HIV. Poor Luke. Let’s Put these Hoebags on BLAST. (p.s. the rabbit ears picture is to show you what she looks like without all the photoshop.).

I see these two living in an abandoned cabin in the woods, practicing their witchcraft on whichever poor soul they lure home…am I right?- nik

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