South Sides Most Disgusting

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south sides most disgusting

south sides most disgusting

south sides most disgusting

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, katie eiben is one of the nastiest sl*ts in the south side. she will make out with anything that has lips including girls and guys, even if they have girlfriends or boyfriends to. nik she reminds me of miss piggie. she’s falling out of her bikini and she’s to fat to be wearing one. her weave is disgusting and her snookie poof makes her look even more like a gremlin than she already does. she’s always talking about her freshly waxed v*gina. that’s nice it’s not hairy but why do you need to tell the world about your nasty snatch that’s probably loose as sh*t. she thinks she’s the queen of south side but she’s nowhere near that. you’re a alcoholic, constant weed smoking, fake blonde. how do you feel nik?

I mean I guess she has to take drastic measures when no dude is will to bang her.- nik 

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