Stacy Gauthier, Vanier Hoochie

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THE DIRTY ARMY: StAcY Ditch Pig Gauthier isn’t even a whore cause she gives it away for free. She has 2 kids that should be taken by CAS but screws her CAS worker to keep her children (and her worker is a woman!). Her kids are her drug ticket. She abuses her kids and has new guys move in every couple months. I moved in the night I met her at the bar! She lives off welfare and uses the system. I dated this bitch and she was doing 2 other guys at the same time that she met off POF. I got warts from this ditch pig. Warts don’t go away man! She thinks she’s hot shit when we all know that she put on pounds of makeup to cover up her drug sores. She is so nasty that she has to edit all her photos just to post online. And what’s with the Ronald McDonald hair? Damn girl, youse a clown! You don’t wanna see this ditch pig naked. Her stomach is as shaggy as an abused vagina….but wait my firends, it gets better…..her vagina is so abused that she has a blue waffle going on down there. Talk about scary! Not only does this bitch have a disgusting body but she is a crazy bitch! Only wants men that are sloppy seconds. Does all her friends mans, her mom’s man, did her uncle and her brother! Is on POF always looking for some new poor suckers and she aint even got her pic up. The pics are her cousins who is one hot bitch. See pics….you will know which one is the cousin and which one is the ditch pig.It’s the pic with the zebra. Men beware in Ottawa. She is a walking drd factory and women eat it up, cause she will take your sloppy seconds.

Ottawa seems to be a dyke heavy city.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…- nik

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