Stank Rez Girl

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Stank ass skanky rez girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to begin when it comes to this rez h*e (Rochelle Thorassie) This stank *ss h*e bag loves to f*ck anything in sight. She gave up her 2 kids so she can f*ck around all night with any dirty man that looks her way. Reason why her hair is short is because she had lice, gave it to her baby girl who’s hair had to be shaved off cause shes so dirty cant even look after herself or her home. Her kids were playing around in disgusting smelly house good thing she gave them up they’re better off in someone elses care. She doesn’t even know who the father of her second kid is. She points the finger at whoever has cash. So she can gamle away all her child tax and welfare then go and ask for help because she has no milk and pampers for her kids. How selfish! This b*tch deserves to be on here shes nothing but a trashy selfish sk*nk! She sleeps around the rez without showering so most guys have stories about how they banged her saying stuff like that she has a big brown stain and stunk like *ss and feet and she farts way to much while in the act for a normal girl. All this girl is good for is sleeping around getting pregnant then giving up her babies to whoever will take pitty on her. Rochelle seriously needs to get her tubes tied how can anyone just give away their own kids just so she can go and gamble all night and screw around with other girls men. Her own man i feel sorry for that guy but oh well he cheats on her too. lmao She’s exactly like her mother, her mom drank while she was pregnant with this h*e, thats why she sh*ts her pants when she drinks. No wonder why shes the way she is, shes born to a crackhead alcoholic mother and a pedophile father. Getting tossed around the rez, knocking on peoples door to get f*cked for a place to sleep and a bowl of soup.

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