Started The ‘Gingers Have No Soul’ Phenomena

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Moira Lynch Cramer. Moira, like many women her age, strives to be the perfect wife, mother, and friend. Unfortunately, her tactics on maintaining a perfect lifestyle on the outside, horrendously backfire with her sneaky, immoral, behaviors. WIFE: Moira married a man she didn’t love because she felt her biological clock was ticking. It also helped that he was loaded. Somehow, Moira had managed to dupe her husband into believing her undying love and commitment was a sacred promise the she would never break. Meanwhile, she parties with her friends every weekend, and sleeps with any guy she set her eyes on. This once included her next door neighbor! At one point, she carried on an 8 month affair with a man. He actually had the decency to leave his wife, to pursue his relationship with Moira. In turn, Moira dumped the guy, kept her husband, and continued to screw other guys. I guess in her book, divorce was a failure, and shes too perfect for that type of image. I recently had to swallow my vomit when I came across a facebook post of hers that read,”A relationship is not a test, so why cheat?” MOTHER: Moira popped out a son first. Immediately, everyone could see something was wrong with the kid. The boy, now 11 years old, does not talk, walk, or have the ability to recognize or communicate with others. For years, Moira would carry on the charade that her son was developing normally, when it was blatantly obvious he wasn’t. There was no desperation in Moira’s mind to find out what was happening to her son. I would think that any decent parent who saw something remotely “off” with their child’s development , would go to as many doctors and specialist as it took to find what exactly was wrong. For years, she occasionally/halfassedly took the kid to a doctor or two, but was more interested in drinking, partying, and sleeping around with random men. A few years down the line, Moiras doctor advised her not to biologically have a second child, because there was a 1 in 4 chance baby would be born with the same problems. (FYI, it was a genetic condition passed on by her husband) That didn’t faze Moira one bit. She had no problem popping out her next child, aka her “PERFECT” little girl. But, with a track record like hers, and no physical resemblance to her husband, I seriously question the paternity of the child. FRIEND: This girl has seriously perfected the art in backstabbing her friends. (and honestly, with the history of how she treats her husband and son, this could come as no surprise.) Besides talking to her girl friends about how wonderful she is and what a great life she leads, Moira enjoys spreading false and/or grossly exaggerated information regarding people she claims to care about. Moira does this like she literary receives commission for each person she tells. When you have the pleasure of conversing with Moira face to face, she never misses a chance to insult, criticize , and/or constantly remind you that no one, (certainly not YOU,) will ever be as perfect as she. Sometimes, I wonder how this bitch can sleep at night.

Is that band-aid for her sun burn…only a ginger.- nik

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