Starting To Look More Like A Creeper

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Starting to look more and more like a rapist

Starting to look more and more like a rapist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve done some digging and found some of these photos on my laptop. I would like to point out that the person who is taking this photo, his name is Jake Morgan. Now I am sick of him saying he “treated me like gold” When clearly in this picture he is letting his friend cut my clothes off. I woke up with literally everything I owned cut off of me, bra, panties, the works. with blown up condoms beside me. Now before you tell me to press charges. The same night I went to the hospital for a rape kit to be done. (They basically game me a bunch of pills including the morning after pill and some to prevent certain DRDs if they did rape me) I’m sick of him calling me a crazy b*tch. You would go crazy too with him as a bf. You might have seen him on the last post called ” Its about time you got yours” . He never has denied doing this, and he told me after that he was just “really drunk” and it was a “practical joke gone wrong” I’m sorry but I don’t see anything funny about pretending to rape someone. So stop saying you treated me like gold. When you clearly are a psychotic loser.

Question; why did you take a handful of pills??  Never trust anybody who hands out things for free, they’re always up to something.- nik

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