Stassi Schroder – Admits Using Drugs To Get Through Filming

Stassi Schroder – Admits Using Drugs To Get Through Filming

While many people question how reality stars manage to deal with all the tensions and pressures of filming a show, Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder opened up to Heather McDonald on her Juicy Scoop Podcast about how she gets through filming- and, specifically, the drinking that comes along with it!

“Yes (I do adderall), especially during filming,” Schroeder shared with McDonald

“That’s so bad,” McDonald responded.

“I know this,” Schroeder continued. “It’s really hard to have three scenes in one day and be drinking in all those scenes and keep your sh*t together. So it’s… my Mom’s going to kill me.”

“It’s not like an all the time thing,” she added. “(Adderall) sobers you up. You have to figure out how to do it, because if you just take adderall and drink you are throwing up the next day… I have a trick where if I know I’m taking adderall I’ll take it immediately before I eat… so therefore I’m ready to drink and I know I won’t get sick and the adderall will then get in my system by the time I start drinking. Otherwise I wouldn’t eat.”

While everyone has their vices, it seems like a more logical answer would be ‘just don’t drink’ so much during filming, no?

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