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THE DIRTY ARMY: I’d like to introduce you all to Joanna Marie McKay (Zanni) Thunderbay Ontario’s biggest prostit*te. This dirty skank moved here in 2006 from Winnipeg Manitoba where she first began to live her life as a whore to feed her cr*ck addiction. She chose to run to another province instead of to stop smoking crck. When she left Winnipeg she also abandoned her firstborn baby, a son, and she never looked back. What a piece of shit this hoe is to leave her baby behind just because he looks like his father. That man stuck with her for 6 years even though she cheated on him, gave him an drd, hooked every night and smoked up all his money. I(‘m so sick of this slut running around town sucking off all these men for money, she just loves to spread her legs. So ladies hold onto your husbands, boyfriends, sons and dogs cuz this whore will fuck anything that has a heartbeat. one of the rumours around here is that she sleeps around so much because her 47 year old husband Ron can’t keep it up anymore, after all, he is pretty old for a 27 year old girl. He only married her because she got pregnant from him, she stood there 8 months pregnant to be wed. All though she has been married to Ron for years and had a daughter with him she still secretly stalks her babydaddy who has long been over her and has been in a 2 year committed relationship and is engaged. Joanna has numerous facebook accounts in different names that her husband does not know about, she even tries to get back together with her babydaddy and tries to interfere with his relationship by messaging his fiance and threatening them. She drinks all the time and still hasn’t stopped smoking crck after all these years, thats why she’s such a scary looking toothpick. Nik, put this whore on blast she deserves it, but I have one question for you….Would You?? She’s nasty, looks like Smeagols from Lord of The Rings lmao

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