Stephanie Phillips

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THE DIRTY ARMY: wow,where do i start!? this bitch is one of the nastiest “things” ive ever come in contact with! this dirty cnt has 3 kids with different dads and is the biggest meth whore on the westcoast.she must be bi-polar because she post all over facebook that she is an amazing mom and chef but in reality the bitch has nothing to do with her 3 kids,they live over 500 miles away with one of the dads cuz shes too busy playing cm catcher for all of Portland!as far as being a chef,the stupid bitch is going to le cordon bleu and is so fuking uneducated that she cant even spell it right! the only job shes ever been able to keep is as a stripper at the nasty hobo strip joints downtown cuz theyre the only ones that will let her nasty stretch marked slut self dance at…she will do anything or anybody for a hit off the bub! i made the terrible mistake of hooking up with her but the truth needs to be out there! the bitches pssy looks like roast beef and smells like a fish market,cm to find out later the lovely bitch gave me the drd! she loves to go from ass to mouth,and will let you and all your friends fck her just for a little dope! so i am writing this to warn all you horny men in ptown that,yes she will fck you and all your friends for that matter,but its not fcking worth it shes a drd factory,run as fast as you can!!! unless youre into a big eared stretch marked super loose stinky whore that will let you do anything to her for some meth or pills,in that case shes your dream girl…i hope to god shes on birth control,this bitch does not need to reproduce anymore!!!!! ew,i wish i could mentally erase ever knowing her,hopefully i can save some men from the same mistake i made,OR WOMEN FOR THAT MATTER CUZ SHE SWINGS BOTH WAYS….love,one of your victims

No comment, too much effort on this one could make me sick.- nik

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