THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Karli Harvey, daughter of comedian STEVE HARVEY!! She calls herself a “Certified Glam God”. Her father, STEVE HARVEY, takes a VERY public Christian stance, mentoring young men and preaching the importance of fidelity.  I wonder if he knows that his precious little bald-headed, horse-faced of a daughter has been sleeping with a MARRIED MAN for over a year! Now that this slime ball, (Ben Raymond from Dallas) is finally divorced, she can post these types of pictures on her Twitter and Instagram and pretend that they are a NEW happy couple! Poor little tramp has no idea that Ben Raymond “caught the vapors” is just using her! Instead of focusing on “fashion,” she needs to focus on daddy not finding out what a HOMEWRECKING WHORE she is! Sorry Karli, but you have sex with dogs, you’re GONNA get fleas!

Karli sure does look like her father.- nik