Steve Leannais Rave Scane Trash

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Steve Leannais also known as The Banana Man who creeps around local raves. He is sponsored by Cumulus Entertainment and other shitty rave production company’s. He is nothing but a drugged out loser who still lives at home. He is too busy doing drugs and fucking girls of age or under age to get a real job and do anything useful with his life. He is pushing 30 years old and has done nothing with his life, I am pretty sure he is a high school drop out. Not surprised. He thinks people like him but people only laugh at him because of how pathetic and immature he is. He will fuck anything and I mean anything. He will fuck the fattest uggliest girl with acne all over her face and then fck an even uglier bitch an hour later. He is a loser with nothing going for him. He hangs out with his friend Jay Phil who is also doing nothing with his life. All they do is sell shitty drugs and think they are so cool. Word, grow up you can’t be a drugged out raver forever or else you end up living on someones sofa. Grow up here is your reality check you fcking loser. I am glad Cleveland raves associate douche bag slutty drug dealer addicts with their company’s. This is why the scene is dying because they let losers do work for them.

Not sure if its the Leopard print of his positioning but I definitely think this guys forgy.- nik

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