Steven Tyler Talks American Idol Return

Steven Tyler Talks American Idol Return

Since ABC announced that American Idol is returning, everyone is dying to know who the judges are going to be.

While Idol alum Kelly Clarkson was rumored to be a contender, both her and fellow Idol vet Jennifer Hudson are joining The Voice.

When Steven Tyler was spotted in LAX Airport, the paparazzi couldn’t help asking him about Idol returning and if he’d possibly come back as a judge.

When asked who he thinks would be a good judge coming back, Tyler shared that, “I don’t know I can’t say,” he said. Randy, and I, and J Lo again…Why not bring it back?”

“I told Randy,” he later added, “I said, ‘did you know that Idol’s coming back?’ He said, ‘yeah…’ Real short with his answer. But, you know, I think Randy was Idol. Randy was great.”
“It’s all about personality and how they get together up there… Personality’s big with that,” Tyler also stated. “That’s what Idol was missing before Randy and I and J Lo went up there.”
So would Tyler take a pay cut to return to the show? “Not a pay cut,” he said. “It’s got to go up. I want what J Lo was getting. I’m not doing it unless Randy gets the same one I get.”
While this sounds like Tyler could possibly be interested in an Idol return, he did say towards the beginning of the clip that, “I’m more interested in my daughter and her new baby,” so that doesn’t sound especially hopeful for fans of his hoping for a return.
For now, it seems like we will have to put up with the rumors continuing to fly regarding who the panel of judges will be when the show returns. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we hear things.

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