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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik, This is Kayla Ferndo. The Overland Cunt. And uh well lets just say that she could work on herself a little. This chick is a homie hoppin slut. She moves from one juggalo to the next. Prolly had most of stl by now. She thinks shes the shit. but nah, she just smells like shit. Shes dirty as fck. Her home smells like a fcking shit box. As of right now shes “engaged” but the dude dont even know they are gonna get married. I feel sorry for him. Shes a pathological liar. She would lie to you about the color of the sky if she thinks she could get away with it. OHHH and uhm shes a baby killer. While she was pregnant with her child she was doing all kinds of drugs. Coke, meth, X, alcohol, etc. Anything this bitch could get her hands on, she was shoving down her and her babys throat. THEN she claimed her dead son on her taxes and got $4,000. After she got the money she picked up her sons ashes and kissed the box and thanked him. Shes sick as fuck. This slut needs to be put on blast. Get a life bitch. You know who this is. Come at me.

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