Stl’s Oldest Sleezebag Dave Wagman

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I NEVER thought I’d see the day when 50 year old momma boy mooch DAVE WAGMAN became a daddy, but I guess he finally nailed some chick he cant afford to pay off! His ex gf was supposed to move outta state for work or somethin and all of a sudden, she find out she’s pregnant wit his kid!!!! Chick still had her stuff at his crib thinkin they cool but when she told him she was havin his baby, dude wouldnt let her back in the house!!! Told her she aint comin back if she don’t get rid of the kid. Even tried to pay her off to do it! Crazy thing is- Wags been out on the scene like fifty years now, always wit different hoes, this one better lookin than most, stuck around longer too, but this dude done got rich and gone broke, paid off all kinda other hoes to keep them from havin his baby, been locked up and found out for dope, and now his old, broke ass sittin at home beggin his 90 yr old momma for money so he could stay in the clubs shovin coke up his nose. Dude’s pitiful… waitin for his momma to die so he can get some money. ha! pathetic

Which one of those chicks is carrying the baby? they both look pregnant.- nik

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