Stop Being Such A Sloot

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stop being such a slut

stop being such a slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to know about this trashy rez wh*re Raechel Roulette. she is from a shi*hole reserve called Sandy Bay about 2 hours north of Winnipeg. she can be found drunk and pepsied out every weekend and usually tries f*cking her cousins’ boyfriends. she was even caught with her cousins man, bare-*ss and still convinced her boyfriend that she did nothing wrong. she is so conceited all she does is cake her face with tons of makeup and take pictures of herself. i wonder who takes care of her kid when shes doing all this. she also had an abortion and told her boyfriend it was his, when it was some other guys. she just didnt want another kid to use up money that could go to more pepsi. you need to put this rez mutt in her place because she thinks everyone is just jealous of her and really they are just sick of her slooty ways.

There’s really nothing to be proud of when you look like a man with a mac forcefield and a wig on.- nik

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