Straight Player/Informant

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Strait player/informant

THE DIRTY ARMY: This zeek was posted a while ago, his name is Clayton Eheler and he is a goof leader of the rat/informant army. He has drd and gave it to his X and then dumped her after 10 years, He is a drug dealer, and all his lackies do what he says people like, Daymien Skarrett, Shawn Hepburn, Jose Torres, Jeff Lafferty, James Vidal, Curtis Vidal, Jeff Kizzman, Aaron Douglas, Baxter the midget, Andre Fabas, Nick Weens. All these guys go out to the clubs and bangs ladies they are all losers with no jobs, Clayton is the worst, he bangs girls and then ditches them with herpes. He is a informant zeek azz goof who loves pepsi and he slept with his mother and still lets her be around his kids. What a wacko, he is a rat king informant and even met his handler with his x and told her it was a buddy but it was a undercover haha. what a goof. He puts his kids in danger he was shot at and had his kids in the car even though he knew people were after him. He just got arrested and charges were dropped cause he is a rat informant. He has no respect outside Chilliwack and need to be up here he is a straight goof loser. Every gangster around hates him because he is a rat, he was to come do a lie detector test with James Riach and he would not go because he knew he would be busted. And people have paper work but no one will post it. This guy is a ugly pervert, molestor, GHB givig, drd giving informant. LAdies watch out this zeek azz punk roles all over the wack.

He is sitting b*tch in what looks to be his friends rice rocket.  Stop fooling yourself in thinking he’s a player you just sound desperate and clingy.- nik

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