Stretch Marks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I have a question for you about stretch marks. Hopefully you or the dirty army can answer this. Basically, I have stretch marks due to a depression I went through that resulted in a rapid weight loss… I am 5’3 and the depression reduced my weight to about 90 pounds. I am at a healthy weight now about 110, but I am so self-conscious about the stretch marks that I refuse wear a bikini in public. I have done a ton of research and the two top stretch mark creams are Marksplex and Trilastin-SR. It has been extremely hard to find customer review for both products, but they both claim to be 100% effective. So my question to you and the dirty army is that if anyone has suffered from any situation similar to mine or have tried both products which work the best or is there another product I should try.

Nothing is 100% effective. My wife made a strong Organic preventative which she uses and works, but from what I know stretch marks are genetic.- nik Stretch Mark Cream