Stuck Up trash

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is kayla dubell and someone needs to knock this stuck up bitches ego down a few notches. She piggy backs everyone she can and uses them to make herself successful, rather then working hard and creating it for herself. She leaches off her bf for money, food a place to live and gets her face out there by “modeling” for his trashy clothing company that steals images from hasbro (pretty sure they wouldnt be to happy to know they were using furby without permission!!” The girl can’t even model having a nice bod and knowing how to edit your pictures doesnt make you a model, try changing your ugly facial expression once and awhile idiot making the same “oh does this make me look sexy” face isnt what modeling is about. This girl is nasty she picks out the flaws in all her friends, cheats on her boyfriends, sleeps with her cousin, uses her friends and sucks them dry of all their worth until they get fed up and tell her to eff off. Its astonishing that she has such a following if anyone saw the real side of kayla they would realize what an ugly fake bitch she really is, beauty comes from the inside darling take off your mask of facepaint. Kayla is white trash and always has been hiding behind a mask of lies and nice clothing that she guilts people into giving her, shes never worked hard in her life and it wouldnt suprise me if she ended up becoming a gold digging hooker.

You should blend some sharpies to match your hair color.  Mis-colored brows are worse then roots.- nik

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