Supermodel Lily Aldridge Has A Good Heart

Supermodel Lily Aldridge Has A Good Heart

In a modeling world where many only think of themselves, it’s clear that Lily Aldridge stands out from the crowd. Recently, Aldrige appeared at the 2017 World of Children Hero Awards, and had a lot to say about it.

“I was very honored to receive an award from them last year and it was such an inspiring night and they’re doing so many incredible things for children all over the world,” Aldridge said. “To come back is such an honor and something that touches my heart so deeply as a human, as a mom… so I feel very honored to be here. I’ll be here for every event they invite me to.”

“The things that really matter in life- helping children, helping others,” she noted of the evening.

“It’s just an amazing night to be a part of,” she added. “To really remind you what matters.”

Lily, we like how sweet you are and tip our hat off to you.

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