EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon Confused On Who We Are, Claims People Are Awake Under Trump

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon Confused On Who We Are, Claims People Are Awake Under Trump

Last night at Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Laughs benefit, we got the chance to talk to many celebs on the red carpet including Susan Sarandon.

While we were especially excited to meet Sarandon, we can’t say the feeling was mutual after she met us.

We began with introducing ourselves, and the introduction was met with lukewarm reception to say the least.

“From who?” Sarandon responded, when we told her we were The Dirty, which had recently rebranded itself as a celebrity news site.

 “I didn’t know you before,” she then said. “What were you before?”

“You’re like a gossip magazine kind of? Okay,” she added.

We then got into our questions, asking Sarandon what she thought of the Rocky Horror TV revival last year, as she was a star of the original cult classic.

“I didn’t see it because I was working,” she began, pulling out her phone to text message with her son while we were interviewing her. “I didn’t see it. I’m happy- don’t dream it, be it. As many times as you want to tell people that, I think it’s great.”

We then noted how she seemed to be very vocal about supporting President Donald Trump and had taken some heat for it. We were curious to know her thoughts on how he’s doing now that he’s been in office 100 days.

“Is that a serious question?” Sarandon bluntly asked us, seeming annoyed that we would possibly think to question her about a topic she’d been so outspoken for. 

Once she realized the question was a serious one, she responded that, I think what’s great about Trump is that he’s so fumbling and so obvious that it has ignited a revolution even among Republicans, as you saw with the heath bill. A lot of the things that are wrong in terms of the environment and money and business has been happening all along. We all were asleep during that period, so now people are awake. So I think that the good news is that people are awake.”

We then thanked her for talking with us and she walked away.

Interesting to note was that we overheard her talking with another reporter about how she doesn’t even watch Feud, the hugely successful Ryan Murphy show she’s currently starring in on FX.

Meeting Sarandon was definitely an … experience, to say the least.


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